Sad and blue

Some days are sad and blue

    And then we feel lonely too;

    Or we cause rifts.

    Some days are doldrum days.

    Some days are like bad plays.

    Not such a gift.

    Most days have joyful parts.

    Most days we lift our hearts.

    They pass all too swift.

    Some days love speaks to me.

    Some days I feel so free.

    I love my craft.

    Life is a patterned weave.

    Love helps us when we grieve.

    Love is a raft.

    See how the sun comes back.

    See how light fills the gaps..

    Some days we laugh.

    Weep now and I’ll weep with you.

    I have known sorrow too.

    Yet sorrow will pass.

    Joy is not far away.

    Joy will return one day….

    Life’s  art and craft.

Essex cornfields

Saturday was shopping then a walk Epping,Ongar,Finchingfield by car

Reading book reviews and chewing stalks

Buttercups and meadows,Henry Moore

Driving back from Chelmsford, cornfields flamed

Smoke and fire and earth, the sun dismayed

Farmers working hard, a harvest, grain

The sky through mist a cobalt blue displayed

Standon with its fords and wandering cows

Little rivers,Essex, flowing down

The Stort joins with the Lea,a gurglimg sound

Water for the Thames and mossy ground

The earth feels like my body sacrificed

The artist’s canvas stretched ,a matricide

Mary and the alarm clock

Mary sat brooding in her armchair, while Emile slumbered by the redhot  fire
How  can I be sure to waken up tomorrow in time for my Podiatry visit? she pondered
I am used to waking early, but you never know,she told herself
When she went to bed, carryin  a flask of  English  Breakfast Tea she picked up  her alarm
clock but the battery was missing yet again
Never mind, she thought.I shall use my phone instead as she put on her long nightdress and
a wool jumper full of holes
How fortunate that I can wear old clothes in bed rather than seductive satin   lingerie, she thought
They are usually polyester and that’s not warm.Though no doubt if  it is very seductive you will soon  get hot unless your mate works nights down a coal mine.Then, why would a woman wear it?
Does it mean she has a lover living near by, perhaps next door?
We can only wonder why women must suffer not only this but stiletto heels and  blow dries
She put the flask of tea down and got   into her cosy bed.
Alas, Mary was still anxious about the alarm
I’ll go downstairs and get the kitchen clock, she decided.She struggled out of bed and fetched the blue clock upstairs where it was agreeable to being used
I really do need Stan to come back so he could resume waking me when he brought me some tea  at 8 am each morning
Shall I put an advert online<
Very thoughtful, anxious  kind & gentle lady mathematician, good at cooking and boiling  hankies  needs a kind well read man as a  partner.Must get up early to make tea  and filter the News
Preferably a man  from  Tyneside  or similar area
Please phone 0207 ccctheo or email    iamme78@ymail,com
She set her spare phone and the clock  then fell asleep.
She dreamed she was in a rowing boat on Lake Windermere with  her first boyfriend who looked as attractive as  ever
Come and give me a kiss, he ordered her
But surely it is dangerous to make love in a rowing boat, she remarked wonderingly
Yes, we might fall out but  I can swim
But I can’t, she said.Are you hoping I will drown?
Don’t  be so anxious.The Mountain Rescue Team will come and help
We’re not  on a  mountain, she retorded.Anyway I don’t  love you anymore
Why not, he asked angrily?
I went off you because you never read a book and always chose the films we saw.
Did that matter?
There you are,you  didn’t  even ask me if I liked James Bond.You must be an egoist
His eyes glared angrily.Why did you not tell me, he asked
Should a man need to be told to please a potential girl friend?
I suppose not, he answered,Please forgive me.He leaned over to kiss her
but just then all the alarms went off,It was morning,,
How   nice to have a cup of tea while trying  to remember one’s name and date of birth
And to forget the worst boyfriend  ever
At  least he never  hit me, she exclaimed
And so say all of us

Round the bend

The Wash, Lincolnshire, England | Images of england, Lincolnshire, England

Oh,Mary is in horrid pain
It’s her sciatica again.
No pills can cure but nettles might
She will roll in them tonight
Emile is aware of this
He gives her a loving kiss

Emile, I’ve told you it’s not done
To kiss your mother though in fun
What would Stan think,were he here
Drinking from a can of beer?
What would Annie think of this?
Go, give her a big wet kiss

Oh,mother I might bite her lip
As my teeth are made to nip
Take my emery board and smooth
Your pointed teeth and any grooves
Can I use Stan’s old toothbrush
No, I threw it in the Wash

Maybe seals will use it there
Send them combs and do not swear
I did not mean to curse again
My back is aching,I’ve no pluck
Mother, dearest, don’t say fuck

Well, that’s Irish, it’s ok
The Catholics wlil offer prayers
I pray too for all my friends
Those bereaved or round the bend
Do you mean those who see ghosts ?
Maybe it’s the heavenly Host

As long as you look clean and neat
Noone will see your hooves or feet
Noone will know you see and hear
Emissaries from other spheres.
Don’t meet eyes nor stare at men
And always write with a good pen

You may be in another realm
Dave can see you’r overwhelmed
He will pat your head this day
For this he gets his kicks and pay
When you feel yourself again
See it you can spot old Stan

Where is Annie,Mary’s friend?
Where the Spirit which descends
Where are our neighbours whom we love?
Singing with the turtle dove
All the Saints will chant along
As Jesus sings his ancient songs

Spirits rise and Love is here
Drinking in the atmospher

Mary Adair 2

Instead of going to the pub to meet men,Mary went on FB and changed her name
Unfortunatly her name was also changed on the Page where she was insulted and every where she had been.
I have learned something useful, she said to Dave who had come because Emile had rung 999
Better if you had not visited their page,he told her sensibly, then Emile would be happy
Yes, she said,each side is as bad as the other,You must either totally agree or be called a vicious Monster.There is no space for debate so why even try?
Just then the phone rang
Hello, it’s Noreen ,she heard
Mary, I am so happy you have changed your name
Are you,Mary asked in suprise
Yes,my grandparents were Scottish and none of the relatives are left,
so as you are partly Scottish too it’s lovely you chose to emphasis that
Well, stone the crows,Mary thought.How unpredictable life is.And how one unexpected event led to a good talk with Noreen
Well, since Stan is not here,I’d better do some housework. she told Dave
On the hand if Annie and you,Dave, accept my untidiness, why should i worry?
After all it’s wonderful finding books I had forgotten I had.Not to mention 30 pairs of tights and my reading glasses
Emile looked at her turquoise glasses
Can I have some reading glasses Mother?
Why? demanded Mary angrily
Then they will read stories to me as they can already read
Mary wondered how to explain to a cat that the lenses of humans’ eyes become less flexible with age like their minds, perhaps
Then she thought of Donald Trump who needs King Canute
to explain that no human is omnipotent and that viruses are unable to distinguish between him and another old person even Joe Biden
Why the family of the first virus might have relatives near Joe.
But how do viruses communicate?They have no voices,eyes or hands
Might it be they live in another reality? Do they have minds withour having brains?
Or brains without minds
Dave ran out of the house wondering how to help Mary
And so would all of us!

Poetry writing tips


36 Poetry Writing Tips


  1. Read lots of poetry. In fact, read a lot of anything if you want to produce better writing.
  2. Write poetry as often as you can.
  3. Designate a special notebook (or space in your notebook) for poetry writing.
  4. Try writing in form (sonnets, haiku, etc.).
  5. Use imagery.
  6. Embrace metaphors, but stay away from clichés.
  7. Sign up for a poetry writing workshop.
  8. Expand your vocabulary.
  9. Read poems over and over (and aloud). Consider and analyze them



  Thoughts annihilate

Postmodern poetry has no formal shape
No sonnet,villanelle or rondeau there
Nor is it true or false that we are apes

A sentence made from curses aggravates
Makes   even slight hurts something we can’t bear
Postmodern poetry has no formal shape

This very poem’s ironic , it emotes
Glares with total rage at  you who care
If it’s true or false that we are apes

This poem,alas, will offer no escape
If it has no rhymes  then I have flair
Postmodern poetry has no formal shape

The forms are hung until we get to break
We shatter and we crack the poet’s lair
I think it’s true and false that we are apes

For a metre I will hang in here
Waiting with no patience for a jeer
Postmodern poetry has no formal shape
Nor is it true  that  thoughts annihilate


If you are really short


I feel sorry to know that in this country there is real poverty and frantic people trying to survive.These ideas may be insufficient

Wash clothes less often

Don’t change the sheets to frequently

Wash before bed . That helps.

Air beds daily

Don’t put greasy products on your hair.Save money too.

Can you afford a dog?

Re-home them.

What is a luxury?

I didn’t know what a cafe was until I was 10

I went to the technical college to sit the 11 plus

My friend saw money on the ground 17/6

After the exam she took me into a cafe for refreshments

I have liked them ever since.

So to do give up coffee is hard because it’s a place we meet people too

During Lockdown I saved money & lost 10 in in Weight.

But unless you have no choice don’t deprive yourself of important little treats.

Remember there will always be better toilet paper or tougher kitchen towel

Stop looking for them.zMake Do and mend or manage