Sin keeps me alive

Are you truly penitent?
Well my first name is Penny.
I mean,are you sorry?
I don’t mind
It’s your sins.
Being called Penny is not a sin
Why did you come to Confession?
I was bored.
That is a bad motive
You seem very critical
I am a priest
So was Aaron
Who  was Aaron?
Moses’s brother.
I thought you meant someone  Catholic
Well,my first sin is I am mortal
Do you repent?
Is it my fault?
Well, assume it is and I can absolve you
This is meaningless.
Well, it’s a sort of game as Wittgenstein  might have said
Don’t bring him into it!
Why not?
He said, whereof we cannot speak, we must remain silent.
That is not  quite right
Well,/i shall remain silent
I absolve you from your sins
Leave them alone!
Don’t you want to get rid of them?
Sin is all that keeps me alive!
Well, that  is a new perspective
And so say all of us

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