The born after pill

The patient had 2 cornflakes for breakfast so we are optimistic she will gain weight.

Mary said she wanted knickers so I lifted up her nightdress She was correct.She has made a complaint.

What about?

This lady won’t judge our bed.

This patient likes rubber mattresses and other forms of rubber.

Can we report it?

She likes toast for curing be her severe introspection.

She had a big lump on her foot which has disappeared since she stopped stalking.

Shall I send a retort in?

She says love cures all ills so wants to go on the pill.I won’t

Her surgery was completed after she suffocated so she will look good in her coffin.

The stitches will be covered by lace frills.

People don’t heal after death in most cases

This man is hungry at all mealtimes.Can we give him any blood?

This diabetic lady is not having twins.She has needles and pins.

I have known her as far as I could.She is unwilling to leave.

Can you give her contraception or a born after pill?

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