Buy my house

Well the kitchen is ok if you have pliers to turn the Taps on

The cooker is new.I took the door off the grill to see how it worked but never got round to putting it back.

Who needs a door on the grill?

The floor is concrete You just need some lino over it or cork

The best cupboards have no doors.The doors can swing out and hit you!

Then you can see inside more easily too

Don’t bother washing up.Get a dishwasher

You get the idea

We dwell in academic squalor.Where do you live

9 thoughts on “Buy my house

  1. This instant, I’m in the basement as a younger man is finishing up our kitchen renovation. I hear his boots on the new floor.
    I’m on a very old computer, trying to get Windows 10 to do all the updates that it should. I wonder if Windows 11 will work. (That tells me that I’m looking for a fight.)

      1. Thank you Katherine!

        Adobe has a free Lightroom download for Android. It works fine on my Chromebook, and lets me do almost anything I want with my photos.

        I do buy the Lightroom/Photoshop subscription each year. I get a few more features in Lightroom that way and I can use it on my old PCs too.

        You can subtly improve photos with it. Don’t do too much or they look faked. A little helps.

      2. Thank you for that.I had no idea that I could d I all that.I find the Chromebook excellent as it’s faster and less worrying than the Windows laptop
        Which has made me weep!

      3. My Chromebook is far faster than my PCs with thw internet. It boots up faster. It loads programs faster. It does not crash as often. Oh, right. It was so much cheaper.

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