No sense

The child is father to the man
The duck is father to the swan
Inverted,tortured, where to go
The rain is frozen into snow

Once we were a little egg
Looking for a sperm with legs
The winner will enchant like God
Till both are one, in their soft bed

While we work or shock by oath
We´re unaware of inner growth
So drink a glass of cider now
Welcome,welcome, we shall bow

Every child is full of grace
Until by governement erased
When once we lived close to the earthI
In burning towers the poor give birth

Little flats far to the East
Those unemployed are shamed like beasts
Yet their children are of God
Ne´ér to Eton shall they tread

Those who rule shall be come slaves
Satan waits beside their graves
Down in hell they shovel coal
To be rebuked for all they stole

Then they see the light and pray
God forgive our wicked ways
Sin will bring its own reward
From Heaven the wicked are self-barred

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