The problems of mother & daughter

My mother used to call naughty children ,little Turks
And now I know Boris Johnson I see why, though he is not little

She said she was in the Doldrums but never revealed the address
Any guidance

She said she wished she was dead many times
Did she want me to kill her or was she tormenting me or both

[ please write on both sides of the paper at once]

She never said she loved me but three babies in three years was tough.I could not suck her milk easily so I was at risk and she never felt able to forgive me.
I was s thin the students thought I was younger than them.I wore children’s blouses at 25 and got half fare on the bus [ not deliberately]
At last I have put weight on and they tell me I am at risk again.
It’s my thyroid gland.
I thought my doctor was strangling me when he stood behind me and put his hands round my throat after checking my lungs
I assumed he was feeling the gland.Don’t you think he should have told me? Though killing me in the Surgery was not really an option.He is a very quiet man.

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