If you laugh for an hour use your elbow

Doctor,I think I have got dire beasties.
I’m not a vet.

Is laughter infectious?
Yes, self isolate immediately

Can you take a joke?
It depends where I am going
You can’t take it with you.
I’ll have to send it on my horse.

Have you made a will?
Yes, he’s 46 this year

I don’t know how you got a degree.
I bought one like everybody else

You are a very special person
Thank you.
You are the least intelligent person I know
And how many do you know?
Is that a tautology?
Don’t ask me,i’m stupider than thou.
Who is Thou?
No, how art thou.
Why bring Art into it?
Is it bad?
Plato thought so
But he’s dead

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