Fooled by proof

Why have you not read the Word?
Are we talking Bible or Microsoft?
You can’t fool me!
No-one is totally foolproof
Can you prove that?
In a sense,I can.If you are tired or ill you can read words or people wrongly.
Or I suppose if you are plain stupid
Stupidity is intriguing as one can have a first class degree in maths and yet not know how to look after yourself
Suppose the degree is in Home Economics?
That is a better key to life.Using your hands helps your brain
To do what?
Why do you ask me? Can’t you guess?
I suppose the nervous system is stimulated when the eye and hand coordinate.Then the brain is balanced
Well, you are no fool
But I can still be fooled
Especially with new technology, liars and fear

This discussion was funded by the University of Lands End last seen floating West
Please let the police know if you see it

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