Dear Agony Aunt

I used to be a very nice,polite,even gentle,person who never swore unless I dropped a pan on my foot.But now I write four letter words in my poems because of seeing Trump insulting women and minorities on  TV.Am I possessed by  a devil? I also have fallen madly in love with Leonard Cohen and watch him all day instead of beating the carpets. and boiling hankies.Am I on the road to Hell as I know he will never marry me  or  indeed anybody as he is 82 and never married so far.


Dear Kate

It’s called life.There are no devils except our unowned emotions.Leonard Cohen.. join the club.You could try  sending him a poem,I guess.But he is a perfectionist

Restrict swearing to once a week.I do and see how wonderfuckled I  am.Sorry I meant  wonder-chuckled but hey, what is an eff to a deaf horse in a storm?

Auntie Elijah


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