He bent down on his right knee

  • Oh,John Joe was a farmer’s son.
  • He lived up in the hills
  • When he went to tend his sheep
  • He saw the cotton mills.
  • The rivers ran with water pure
  • And so provided power
  • Yet over these dark ruined towns
  • The heathered hills did tower.
  • Mary was a local girl
  • Se walked out on the moors
  • She wore a dress of silky cloth
  • Printed with small flowers.
  • John Joe saw Mary
  • When he was dipping sheep
  • She peered over a dry stone wall
  • And saw the new lambs leap.
  • Her hair was long.Her hair was gold
  • Her eyes were sapphire blue.
  • In John Joe’s eyes she was so fair
  • What was a man to do?
  • He watched her walking all alone
  • Was she sad or sick?
  • He showed her how his dog behaved
  • And showed her shepherds’ tricks.
  • So one day,he held her hand
  • As they walked to the Pike.
  • They stood up there and gazed all round
  • So John thought he would strike.
  • He bent down on his right knee
  • And spoke to Mary then.
  • I’ve loved you Mary since we met
  • I hoped we’d meet again
  • Mary smiled with her blue eyes;
  • Her lips were pink and bright.
  • I love you too and love the hills
  • And. love the summer light.
  • The next year they were married
  • Mary wore white lace.
  • She looked so happy then
  • To know she’d her own place.
  • The church bells rang,the people sang
  • John and Mary wed!
  • And naturally, when evening came,
  • At last, they went to bed.
  • When Mary lay in John Joe’s arms
  • She knew this was her home.
  • And so for many, many years
  • About the hills they roamed.
  • They cared for sheep and hens and goats
  • They cared for children three.
  • They never had a falling out…
  • But talked beneath a tree.
  • From youth to age the years went by
  • But John still loved his bride.
  • And Mary too was happy
  • With John Joe by her side.
  • Their faces,lined, were full of cheer
  • Their hair as white as snow
  • And everywhere that JJ went
  • Mary too did go.
  • Until the day came for his death
  • He lay down in the grass
  • Mary ran and held him close
  • And thus sweet John did pass.
  • The muffled bells rang from the tower
  • John Joe was carried in.
  • The parson prayed and hymns were sung.
  • The sheep dog made a din.,
  • In the dark earth John was laid
  • And Mary wept and cried.
  • what will I do now,my sweet John ,
  • without you by my side?
  • So Mary grieved and wept and sighed
  • And thus she spent two years…
  • The loss was great and bent her back
  • with the weight of care.
  • For when we open up our hearts
  • We feel both joy and woe.
  • This is the pattern of our love,
  • Which like the river flows

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