We write or riot

So what will you go with?

It’s a pity that we have so many organs if you want if we only had one or two organs it would be easier to look after ourselves.

Will it be your heart or your lungs your liver your kidneys youbrain

If we had a so few organs we would not presume to be human.

So that’s no good is it?

The more complex the being the more ways that are for it to go wrong

That’s why I chose the washing machine with the least number of programmes on it.

You might want a wool wash.

But you don’t need an acrylic wash.

I remember the tedium of washing jumpers in the winter and drying them flat.

When I was a child we wore them right through the winter and we only washed them when the war of the weather arrived

You can saying it this typing with the voice leaves a lot of arrows and what we riot

I welcome comments and criticism

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