My heart was not in mathematics

Looks like you spent 7 years of study to find that out.

At least it was a possibility.

Anyone moderately intelligent would not look for heart in something so cold and austere

That is hostile. It’s positively insulting

Thank you very much.I I’m making real progress now.

What kind of job would require you to be insulting?

Prime minister member of parliament judge..

Do you have to spend the money taking a course when most people can be insulting without any effort at all,?

Do you really believe that that is true?

Don’t be so literal minded.

You want to say 1that most people would ask for Johnson to give moral guidance for their children?
Well in the sense that you can say whatever you see him doing it will be wise to do the opposite.

So instead of loving a woman I would have to love a man? Is a woman the opposite of a man?

Not nowadays

Instead of telling lies tell the truth that is the opposite.p

Like when someone asks me how many children I have I should say 49?

If you really do have 49 children.

Uncountably many?

How could you have uncountably many children?

If you had never learned to count or only up to two.

That won’t do, in mathematics uncountable means can never be counted by anybody.

How can we be sure that someone who was not yet born would be able to count what we now think uncountable?

Because it has nothing to do with the person who’s counting it is inherent in the set of objects such as the r11111eal numbers.

It’s been proved that the set of all real numbers can never be counted.

And what is that useful for ?

We don’t worry about that in mathematics.

Well good luck and goodbye

But it shows there are more things in this world than we dream of.Even our dreams are startling and complex.


We don’t know yet.

So just enjoy them


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