Don’t relax yet

It’s getting late but no one brought my dinner

I’m not hungry I shan’t bother to eat

Some people like anything but I don’t

I want butter beans flour cakes or teacakes

I want chips fried in beef dripping

Yeah I don’t like just anything

To make your own dinner requires work

But you can choose what you want

You don’t care

Then that’s alright

if I didn’t eat I would die eventually

but it would be painful

My reptile brain is still switched on.

The crocodile wants to eat maybe a human being

The mammal has my orders to go to a restaurant and get some French food

The human is wondering how much money I’ve got left and trying to to make sense of this life

But that ruins my appetite. Lose weight

The animal in me is anxious but I can see a lion but no one else could see

I will escape this because my adrenaline is pumping

but those relaxed people will die.

It’s a simple as that

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