The games,the heavy blow

I remember daddy in the park

In Lancashire we did not hear a lark

You showed me how to eat peas on my fork.

Dandelion and burdock was uncorked.

We never went to Morecambe with you then

We went to Morecambe later we our mam

I remember buying nettle tea

The cottage in a lane towards the sea.

The Ribble buses gave the poor delight

Up the valley throug11h the Pennine’s light.

We did not know that man must work to eat

To pay for shoes to put on children’s feet

We did not understand industrial life

The smoke,the mills,the labour of the wife

By the pavement edge we played new games

Skipping ropes and a marbles

Purl and plain.

We watched the boys do tricks

Upon their bikes.

Vying for girls favours in the dark

When we were young like that the body spoke

School work and hard books

Were of no note.

Daddy was not there to see me grow.

Losing him,the first and heaviest blow

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