. Fires

After 12 years of conservative government we have 14 houses have burnt down spontaneously in London

A lot of domestic cats have died in these fires.

How did Boris Johnson manage to start these fires?

One possibility he is in league with Satan and that can be very dangerous. It might be worse for Satan to fight with jealous Boris Johnson

As We know hell is full of fires

These are the fires of hatred and malice and perhaps envy.

Is there really so much malice in London now to make 15 houses burn down spontaneously?

There is certainly a lot of fear and it doesn’t make take much to turn fear into to hatred of those who might be against us including our own family

It’s hard hating your own family so it’s easier to do a displacement and hurt some group of people that you’re not familiar with personally but may seem possible possible sources of harm.

probably completely innocent people but don’t let that stop you from hurting them

Your enemies are inside your own head so no matter how much you hurt other groups of people in our society you will not feel better

The Queen Mary did not feel better after she executed Lady Jane Grey

It seems not enough to stop her

from executing other people from different religious backgrounds

Her idea of God was that everyone who did not become a Catholic would burn in hell.

Her sister Queen Elizabeth had the opposite view.

However you choose the group that’s going to burn in hell it’s bizarre concept of God

And it just not correspond to any of Jesus teachings as we know them in the New Testament.

Why would you hate someone so much that you want them to burn not just to burn to death but to burn forever and ever?

The human minds is a terrifying place.

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