Don’t detention it

Yoo No,a blot of fiowk here dislake the MsLim women wearing a veil over there fices..But luuk at it this woy.. will they get skin cancer? Don’t detention thet to me after 23 injections in my voice.
Do they worry about ben hur days?Does chemotheropy make other English fowk even sodder as we cen all cee they are bald? You sea,it’s quote sansible, reelly… trust schemes a bit eerie tolking to someone who’s teeth are hidden.,Still it waves on lipstacks and lip glossies and other expansive items of make it all up.
So look out for my new Elfie…after I go somewear were they sell these torments for women.
I just wish English women wore a dense veil over their orifices.

Keep them privet like our Ann sisters did unless Ann Boleyn.

You get the massage?