I ate my words

I ate my words but could not them digest
The cruel hint, the sentence over -stressed
As if I tried to pierce another’s skin
Which was already dry, and too,too tthin

Better edit what we say with care
Even those we love we must not scare
Take for granted nothing we adore
But walk in that pale sand, by sea, by shore

Do not sink into the mud and dross
Despite we each must carry our own cross
For aid is near but cannot reach the deaf
The silence speaks, it does not cause distress

On the sands, we watch small children play
Bringing blood back to our faces grey

4 thoughts on “I ate my words

  1. Extremely thought provoking and beautiful writing. I absolutely love this line – “Even those we love, we must not scare”. We never know what the other person is going through. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me to be kind and grateful today. Hope you have a great day, sending so much love and joy your way xx

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