We breathed in human ash

In Bedzin and in Krakow they breathed in
What they denied in conscious thought or word.
The ashes of the Jews, the shades of skin

Penetrating lungs so deep within
The dead  unburied mixed, in air secured
In Bedzin and in Krakow, mortal sin.

The nearby people turned to burial urns.
The human dust by  breathing was allured
The ashes of the Jews, the shades of skin.

So  Europe took their human ash within.
A graveyard we became unknown, impure.
In Bedzin and in Krakow, more of sin.

And who they thought destroyed  lived on in them
Controlled their lungs, their hearts  their minds uncured,
The ashes of the Jews,  borne in their skin.

Like a mass communion without words
We ate and breathed the Jews, the gays, unheard
In Bedzin and in Krakow  we walked in
The ashes of the lost, the glades of skin

4 thoughts on “We breathed in human ash

  1. What saddens me is how the group of pro Palestinian people who work in the Democratic party, only speak one truth, and that is to deny jews a home (Israel) and vilify Israel. I find this very hard not only being Jewish but because I know well the history of the Jews going right back. I feel political correctness is the cause of this and nobody will recall in a few years why fighting for the Jews does matter. I know I’m a minority who is dying out but that makes me sad. thank you for being a voice in the dark

    1. I don’t think it is people in the Democratic party but I live in the UK
      The problem here is that we see bombs being dropped on Gaza and the other horrible things
      People say the Jews should have got over the Holocaust.Well that is nonsense.None of us has
      got over it.Why is Europe so bad? When 6 million people were lost and their descendent lst
      But there has to be a home for the Palestinians as well.Or maybe a federal state
      I must say the Israeli Government does not seem to care about the non-Jewish people
      On the other hand,Israel is a small country but those people have or had lived there for hundreds of years
      It is a tragedy.But it was caused by Europe and the two World Wars.
      And by other nations not being willing to take in Jews from Europe befire W2
      I sympathise but I see the News and see Gaza in a disastrous state

      1. I can understand people being angry with Israel I really can, I am angry with Israel. I just think there are two sides, but yes, the whole Garza thing is just …. you are so right what you say.

  2. It is a terrible tragedy,I hope that someone can find an answer…….Meanwhile live now.You must live and make the most of your life when so many of your people have died at the hands of madmen and the idiots who voted for them
    Democracy is no use if people can’t think.I see people here who believe rubbish

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