Owl yowl

Fling up your plans like weapons in the sun
All I know is darkness overcomes

Why not keep a lid on your demands
Say they’re wishes not that they’re commands

The other person is as real as I
Where is sorrow when another dies?

Step out as bravely as a bull might do
The matador is here to provoke you

We must die but noone can demand
The time, the date, the love, the perfect plans

The needle’s eye is different for the blind
Easy threading needles, very kind

I learned my perfect vision was witheld
How much can we lose yet be ourselves?

Where the buzzing bee has sipped and spat
I shall sit and wear an old sunhat

We both had cancer, why did I live on
When the irreplacable has gone?

We do not know why we are living still
I hope I have enough to pay the bill

Silent and attentive as an owl
The tom cat is betrayed by his own yowl

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