Our Mam

Why did Dad die,our Mam? Did God need ‘im, Mam? What for?
Oh,be quiet our Kathryn an’ stop blatherin’ an’ ‘arpin’ on at mi like that…Am tired mekkin’ ye dinner an’ tea an’ our Annie’s comin’ too
Will we have petato cakes?
Y’ll have nowt if ye keep on yappin’
.But, mam,I like talkin’. Why don’t you like it, mam?
Curiousity killed et cat.
No,mam it was you.You sent for’t man from Vernon Street and ‘ad the cat took
Now, stop tellin’ lies and do the washin’ up.
Am not tellin’ lies…A saw it
Ye’r a very naughty girl.. I’ll slap ye if ye don’t shut ye trap now
.Oh,Mam, don’t ‘it me.
Well,shurrup then.. do as yer told.. be a good girl.
Awlright,Mam.Shall A wash up fe ye?
That’s right, yer a gud girl really.
Just behave yerself and keep quiet.Ye nearly grown up now.A’ll show ye ‘ow to knit socks soon.. yr 9 now aren’t ye?
I am,mam.Am a big girl
An’ ye brain’s too big…. go and mop the steps now and put the white stone on… it’ll be the toilet next.Clean it before Mi Dad comes
He thinks it were a waste a money.
Well,I love it,Mam.I hated looking down the other one.
So that’s where you were!

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