American names

As Mary went intoAlice’s living room,she saw her five children playing cards with a cat
Hello, Mary, let me introduce my children
Tangent is 13, Radius is 11, Euclid and Leibnitz are twins aged 8
and Cyclic is 4
So what is your surname?
Thanks.Shall I sit down?
Tangent Blunder,Mary thought, puzzled by such choices
Sit down! I thought you were my new cleaning lady
What is she called?
I never asked her
Well, you certainly need a cleaning person
Suppose they are binary?
Are you a maths teacher?
No,I hated quadratic equations
Thanks be you didn’t call a child Quadratic
That’s the dog’s name
And the cat?
Well, you seem a very clever family
What do you mean?
You can’t live here, you will have to emigrate to the USA
They also use unusual,chaotic names.Odd as they are so religious
Jesus Christ !
Not yet but Trump may make a second coming
Well.f*ck me
Not in front of the children, thanks
I only charge £27.
I am a woman too
I don’t mind.I am binary
Binary Blunder, you are giving me headache
Well, you know where the door is
Where you came in
I am supposed to assess you for autism
Ooh, that’s nice name.What does she want?
It’s a differently wired brain.Einstein was famed
Did he have to charge it?
No, he was born with it but noone knew
I prefer Angst.Can you test me for that?
What a blunder
Mary ran out of the door.Everything looked blurred
and too shiny
Don’t tell me this is the end,she whispered

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