The bulbs of strife

What a lovely enragement ring you have on your finger
It looks like a knucle buster

When were you married?
During the ceremony

Do you have joint account?
Only arthritis

Does he give you house creeping money?
He says I can do it in bare feet

Who buys the food?
What makes you think we buy it?
You have cooked your goose now!
But one tyres off it

I see your mind is addled
Like eggs are coddled?
They break when cuddled
Let’s be more hard boiled.
I can’t face boiling water
How do you make tea?
Behind me
How dangerous!
I might need medication that’s not been invented yet
With this Government so will we all

You can see Calais from Deal
Are you trying to change the topic?
No, just the light bulb
The Dutch had to eat bulbs in 1944/45
Surely not light bulbs?
Swallowed whole, they take away that gnawing hunger
Then you die.
Well, yes,I guess you are right
Audrey Hepburn was Dutch
She ate tulip bulbs,I think
At least she survived
She was always slender
Shall we go ona bender?
Take the transcender
That’s a mistake
Did you think it should be gender?
Sex and gender confuse the agenda
Who are the Agenda?
The police,you pretender
A special brigade
Maybe it’s trade

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