You don’t see

Grandad’s Uncle who lost a hand and became a tramp [That’s what this government want the unemployed to do]

I I lost my hand in an accident
Down in et old coal mine.
And now I can’t afford too eat.
They treat us poor like swine.

I wander round et roads and streets
Where us childer used to play.
And as I walk ahm wonderin’
Where I’ll get fed t’day.

Yet I know there’s magic for I saw
Ten thousand angels filled with joy
Their voices ,soft like molten gold,
Just as et Bible had foretold.

I saw three Shepherds cross our street
Though us folk have no flocks of sheep
.I saw three Magi comin’ here
They were stood right over theer

.One had gold and one had myrrh,
Frankincense the third King bore
.As I’ve no job to tie me down
I followed ’em to Bethlehem town.

And in a manger lay the Christ,
As round the world,the rich men diced
Mary touched my wounded soul.
Jesus’ life has made me whole

You see a tramp beg in your Malls,
You don’t see Jesus Christ at all
Yet I, a tramp,a worthless man,
Have seen the heart of BethlehemI

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