Should we shout at our partners?

At one time ,after I had had an operation on my eye which took a year to recover from
I took up knitting.I’m not quick at it.I was making a shawl which had the increase in stitches in the centre as above.This made the two halves drape differently
At the heggining there are only 3 stitches.Then there are 5,7,9”’……………….111.113…………
Sometimes I found it hard to know where the middle was.I had to count all these stitches on their circular needle.As you can imagine this took concentration.One evening I was doing this and my husband asked me a question when I got to 99
I answered than began again.This went on until I had tried 4 times.
So I politely informed him that he should look at me.If I was knitting he could speak
But if I was counting he should wait
The shawl was lovely and I gave it to a Czech student who visited us

Later I was telling a friend about this & she said I should have shouted at my husband
and said I was very angry with him
Now I don’t know, but as we didn’t go in for shouting he would have been shocked.When he got diabetes he sometimes got angry… it was low blood sugar.
I solved that.

I suppose there is no right answer but if I get angry I get distressed myself.When dealing with older people or people with health problems it’s usually better to keep calm

That was tough when he thought I was his mother before he died owing to a UTI
He seemed so happy I was his mother for 3 days and then I was his wife again
He surely did love his mother!But he loved me too.

Blades of grass and sheep

Photo by Rachel Claire on

A dead sheep, drowned, was washed up on the sands
Not treasure from the deep brought to the land
We came to Morecambe Bay for time and peace
Noone can escape from unfelt grief

The Aarnside Knott had given me new views
As if it were that green hill were Christ mused
I saw the Langdale Pikes, now small and far
Affecting me, their pulling like a star

Sheep can’t safely graze on Salisbury Plain
The Army tests it weapons there these days
Man and Nature do not see the need
For slow creation, not excessive speed

Every blade of grass is trodden down
Not symbols of creation nor its crown–Haven:-A-Nun-Takes-The-Veil

Heaven-Haven: A Nun Takes the Veil

        I have desired to go
            Where springs not fail,
To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail
        And a few lilies blow.

        And I have asked to be
            Where no storms come,
Where the green swell is in the havens dumb,
        And out of the swing of the se