Photo by Kamil Rybarski on Pexels.com

Water has  no boundary,  it flows
until it reaches  obstacles  like rocks
Water runs as far as it can go

Water is  as  patient as deep snow
it has no strength yet if  it’s deep it blocks
Water has  no boundary,  it flows

Rivers from the mountain tops  run low
searching for the sea but not  its sharks
Water runs as far as it can go

Water runs, it steams,, it freezes so
  Our blood may turn to ice,oh fearful heart
Water has  no boundary  it flows

Water,fluid, we need it,our foe
With no respect, it floods the lowest parts
Water runs as far as fluids can go

Scientists can measure,watch and chart
While as the sun shines, lakes stretch out their charms
Water has  no boundary,  it flows
Water runs as fast as it can go

Stan and Satan on the coast road

After nearly being arrested for accidentally sending out messages with the car mirror. Stan got back into the car and drove around King’s Lynn and up past Sandringham.
I’ve been there,said Satan eagerly
Don’t tell me, Stan  begged.Let me keep a few illusions.Or delusions
Satan fell quiet as they  stopped in Hunstanton to see the striped cliffs before tottering along the coast towards Sheringham.
I’d like to go to  Brancaster Beach again,Stan thought, that really is  a beach.In fact he and Mary had once been trapped by the tide.North Norfolk is a dangerous place even without  Satan travelling through
Holkham Hall and beach were a  beloved place.Maybe Satan would like to go in a boat on the lake and visit the shop where paintings are on sale
Wells next the Sea was the old man’s  love.The narrow street where Mary bought a wicker bike basket.The bread shop and the butcher and the big green on the top with lovely houses round it in  a square [ squaring the circle!]
Many happy memories and the rich smell of gorse in the hot sun
When I get home,I shall see if gorse will grow in Knittingham he told Emile.Maybe the soil is wrong though
He took out his Vodafone Smart 7  or 8 and rang an old friend  in Sheringham
Is the cottage free,Fred, he asked?
Yeah, how many people?
Er, it’s just me and the cat . this time,Stan muttered idiotically.Well Satan was in the powder compact so he didn’t need a bed!
OK.I’ll leave the key at the chip shop then.See you soon.Stan.I’m just finishing my book on the Gnostic Imagination.I’ve  learned a great deal  but I’ll happy to finish it.Maybe we could meet for a drink one night
And do you know… they did!

Photo by Marlon Schmeiski on Pexels.com