“We’re all in this together spirit”

Morale of the workers is lowered
by tales of accountants and lawyers
triumphantly finding new ways
of helping the affluentto evade
the normal tax payments
Morale is crucial to any nation undergoing a crisis.
Recall the“We’re all in this together spirit”of the war years.
But now,it’s disheartening for the 50%
living on less than the median wage of about £25,000 per annum
let alone those just above it
to read the stories of “Grey areas”
“Offshore accounts”
,”Charities” set up from which they take just a “low” wage.
To come through a crisis
We need to feel we are all working
And living together.
And we need to acknowledge
Very many people work full time
And are still in poverty..still needing Housing Benefit..
so we are subsidising the firms
which employ them on low wages like this.
Yes,the poor children do feel the cold,
They do indeed feel hunger.just like you and me.
And they do worry about parents whose hope
Is to win the Lottery.
Those children feel emotions just like all children.
Alienated now,we’ll not have too many chances
To grab them before they take to drugs..crime
Or worse,prostitution.
We are all in the same boat
But some are taking up more of it
And we want to know why

Was it for this we sold our souls?

They say my television is too small
It’s only19 iches wall to wall
But if I get a larger screen
I won’t watch porn, it makes me scream
I guess I’m nearly ready for the Fall

Seeing whips and gags and ropes
Was it wise we sold our souls?
Where is tenderness and care
Where the mystery de rigeur?
Imagination’s left with little scope.

I see the prices are now low
£200 for pick and go
The top brass hypnotize the mass
As I sit here feeling mad
I taught a few to think but it’s so slow

Well now the aerial will not work
A gale blew off the very top
The trees are frantic in the wind
Mankind commits its bitter sins
As God bleeds with the dying and rhe shocked