The Holy Land

The Holy Land is not so holy now
Was it so when Christ hung from the Cross
When Romans burned the temple ,killed the Jews?
The Holy Land is not so holy now
The truth depends on where we stand to view
New perspectives offer wisdom too
See the holy face now white with frost
The Holy Land is not so holy now
Even as Christ sags on Roman Cross


from the Cross

The lark

Freed from her trap
Bird soared into air and hovered,
And floated, resting;
And flew higher, singing as she flew,
And higher again,
Till there was only her song,
Left in the silence,

Up on the high, wide, stump topped hill,
I felt the lark inside my heart
And heard her singing.
And flying up with her,
I saw gold sun and silver moon,
Moors of heather and sheep grazing.
Green hills,
And shimmering lakes,
Clouds, sun and sky in watery mirrors.
And sang, and dipped and dropped,
And curled
Up the blue
Bright heaven, and rested
On the wind.
All that day
I was a lark singing.

I shall always have a vision of
A bird
That flew upwards,
Rejoicing and free
Into a deep blue sky, and high
And higher
Beyond high
Into a place, beyond eye even,
But music still sending.

I wish I were back on that heathery moor,
With the nibbling sheep and the bees sweetly humming,
Hearing again
The poignant song
Of the skylark;
A prisoner, freed ,
From her trap,
So happy to be free
So wonderful to see,
Just let it all be