When music ends and silence overwhelms

As music went and silence overwhelmed
As in deep despair, I thought to end
When nothing seemed to help me on on my way
Perhaps I’d lost the track and so must pay

Empty now of thought and of desire
The horror of the darkness without fire
The utter loss of any help at all
From the depths, my heart cried out appalled

Expecting nothing, hoping even less
A fire of gold appeared to hold,caress
And tears rained down my face from eyes amazed
While in my flesh I felt caressed and saved

I bowed my head in assent to this good
The crucified, the lost, have understood

The soft heart

If your heart is soft it cannot crack
Nor will it break nor turn itself quite black
Yes, it bleeds when foolish people sin
As sensitive as what we call our skin

All living forms have boundaries and shapes
Dependent on surroundings in good hope
A thin skinned person may feel shame and grief
Despised by scoundrels, devoured by cunning thieves

A person with thick skin shuts out their flaws
Harming others, ignoring love and law
Unless you are a hermit, you will feel,
Living close to others, what they deal

The soft is wise and flexible and heals
The hard heart shatters underneath the wheel

The final letter

I got your final letter in the post
The postman only comes here once a day
I truly don’t who I love the most

Undecided ,my emotions froze
Someone wants to sell them on Ebay
I got your final letter in the post

Give me back the feeling heart you chose
Though it’s heavy as a lump of clay
I don’t know why I always loved the most.

We must part, but sorrow overflows
Makes a river ,washes hate away
I got your final letter in the post

We never argued, never came to blows
Now you are a tom cat on display
I do not wonder who has loved the most

I bought a book to read from Google play
My unconscious mind is eating it today
I got your final letter in the post
I didn’t know that I still loved the most