Black Death

You were sitting in a chair beside your bed
You were covered at the top but were bare legged
Your face was black, you fell upon my breast
I thought you must be feeling quite depressed

But the oxygen was lacking in your blood
The sugar too was sinking in a flood
I had to help them get you to lie down
Put a glucose jelly on your tongue

I think you were resuscitated then
The ambulance had come as fast as death
They took you off to hospital ,oh God
Your lungs were floating in your precious blood

Do not let them take your dying souls
A rehabilitstion unit holds no hope
The place for passing over is no gym
They made you exercise your fragile limbs

I’m sorry I was ignorant and lost
But I was with you when you died at last

I noticed the people who are more aware of the reality of the condition are not the doctors or nurses but the people who do humble jobs

In nurse led unit, they had to wait till 6.30 pm to call 111 for a doctor
so when he got pneumonia it was 10.45 pm when he got antibiotics 12 hours
after I could see he was very ill

There is a place for exercise but it was not appropriate here.In fact they killed him
which may have been a good thing given the settings and desire to stop old people
filling hospital beds when younger people may need them
He died in A & E so would not appear in their statistics!