Should we shout at our partners?

At one time ,after I had had an operation on my eye which took a year to recover from
I took up knitting.I’m not quick at it.I was making a shawl which had the increase in stitches in the centre as above.This made the two halves drape differently
At the heggining there are only 3 stitches.Then there are 5,7,9”’……………….111.113…………
Sometimes I found it hard to know where the middle was.I had to count all these stitches on their circular needle.As you can imagine this took concentration.One evening I was doing this and my husband asked me a question when I got to 99
I answered than began again.This went on until I had tried 4 times.
So I politely informed him that he should look at me.If I was knitting he could speak
But if I was counting he should wait
The shawl was lovely and I gave it to a Czech student who visited us

Later I was telling a friend about this & she said I should have shouted at my husband
and said I was very angry with him
Now I don’t know, but as we didn’t go in for shouting he would have been shocked.When he got diabetes he sometimes got angry… it was low blood sugar.
I solved that.

I suppose there is no right answer but if I get angry I get distressed myself.When dealing with older people or people with health problems it’s usually better to keep calm

That was tough when he thought I was his mother before he died owing to a UTI
He seemed so happy I was his mother for 3 days and then I was his wife again
He surely did love his mother!But he loved me too.

I welcome comments and criticism

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