Drawing by Katherine

Doctor, my arm feels stiff
Compared to what?

Doctor I feel sad.

Doctor I saw a black shape  come into my house
Do you want to see a psychiatrist?
No,I prefer my shapes.

Doctor, where is my husband?
In a  bag in the dining roo
Gosh! I ought to bury  him

Doctor, my hair is too long
Too long for what?
A joke

Doctor I got a digital clock but it says 86 F
Will it die?
It’s not  alive
So why do the numbers change?
I   never thought of that…  it has batteries
I wish we could have new batteries.
Imagine if butterflies had batteries
I don’t wish to.

If eagles had batteries, who  would charge them?
They have no money

I am
You temptress
Now even wjen I am  crippled
men  think I’m after one thing
Is  it pain relief?
Just distraction.
Try porn




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