Benefits of age

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No need to do assertiveness training
No need to become charismatic, thin,stylish, eat what you hate,
You can pretend you can’t see someone and they will asume you are blind not rude
Similarly, pretend to be deaf as and when
Be polite to the poor and rude to the rich, who will assume it is dementia not rage
Give away all but one pair your shoes… my husband did this, how I never discovered
Ditto with clothes
No need to use antiperspirent any more, if you ever have done
Pretend you are not English.Maybe you aren’t
Stop watching the News and look at the night sky instead
Doze all day and sleep all night every few weeks
Do take up Art as even if it’s awful, people will still be amazed that you are learning it
Ditto with writing Poetry
However do not buy a violin or your neighbours will kill you

What is an idiolect?

Dictionary idiolect/ˈɪdɪəlɛkt/ Learn to pronounce noun

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  1. the speech habits peculiar to a particular person.”in his strange idiolect, he preferred to call angels ‘angelicals’”

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