What is life when   love  won’t come again?

What’s a handbag when we have no pen;
When we  have no paper and no ink?
What is life when we will curse  again

Even the fiercest lion needs his den
And every human being needs some links
What’s a handbag when we have no pen?

Should we let folk thump  us on the chin?
Should babes  be  taught to ponder  and to think
What is life when   love  won’t come again?

Do not fear to be an also ran
Learn to laugh and even how to wink
What’s a handbag when we have no man?

Life  is hard, life  wins the marathon
Do not  judge and don’t let worry win
We can’t be sure that love has truly  gone

Do not tend your scruples, that is sin
Look outside,  then burst  balloons with pins
What’s a handbag when we have  no  man
What is life, when will we write again?






Losing my identity, your wrath

I  have not forgotten grammar.I am trying to say it the wat we used wheb I was in  theNorth



Afraid of sinking sands and silent death
Losing my identity, your wrath
That is a place of beauty I could  die
As other people sauntered gaily by

I used to see great tigers in my dreams
I could not breathe and neither could I scream
I lay  there stiffly like a  stolen corpse
Waiting for a wooden cart and horse

The Tilley lamp  began to hiss and moan
As if aware of menaces unknown
All alone with flu I lay in bed
Daddy, can’t you come back in my head?

Dad and I  would chat, sat in the park
After  losing him, I  rarely spoke


Now I see why I didn’t speak until I had to to make money
But why give lectures on mathematics?
Mute: learn Calculus and dwell on infinity












Drawing by Katherine

Doctor, my arm feels stiff
Compared to what?

Doctor I feel sad.

Doctor I saw a black shape  come into my house
Do you want to see a psychiatrist?
No,I prefer my shapes.

Doctor, where is my husband?
In a  bag in the dining roo
Gosh! I ought to bury  him

Doctor, my hair is too long
Too long for what?
A joke

Doctor I got a digital clock but it says 86 F
Will it die?
It’s not  alive
So why do the numbers change?
I   never thought of that…  it has batteries
I wish we could have new batteries.
Imagine if butterflies had batteries
I don’t wish to.

If eagles had batteries, who  would charge them?
They have no money

I am  hot.doctor
You temptress
Now even wjen I am  crippled
men  think I’m after one thing
Is  it pain relief?
Just distraction.
Try porn