Baking in God’s oven

The weather’s gone bipolar, so have I
Let me go, I know now how to fly

I feel so hot I  am a human pie
Baking in God’ oven in the sky

Why don’t I  make myself a cup of tea?
I sweat so much I  never need a wee~

My television seems a  mite too small
And all those programmes  make me scream and wail

I  studied Hitler but I did not find
Where he left the track,derailed his mind

They talk of numbers  of the dead and gone
It’s just as sad when the number is just one

Every person is another whole
Don’t destroy the future of their world

A poet can fly

Try writing nonsense, you will be surprised
I have  used a comma, that’s the end;
How hard  it is to know a poet can lie.

Unless you have a calling,shut your eyes
Do not break where you can also bend
Try writing nonsense, you will be surprised

When I read a villanelle, men cry.
Ask the poet never to pretend
For cruel  it is to  find a poet who lies

Triolets  bear sadness to the wise
If your aim is cruel, do not send
In  learning nonsense, we’ve been  ill advised

Rubbish is not nonsense,realise.
Lewis Carroll’s  Alice was no friend
How hard  it is to know where poets lie.

Sense and nonsense travel in  a blend
So  it is that fiction can offend
When writing nonsense, you must be  composed
How hard  is  it to learn a poem transposed?


We sense the sacred in these peaceful walls

We sense the sacred in these peaceful walls
Yet men have died in places that appal
Women too and children then unborn
Fell into cold dark earth in lands forlorn

As our weapons grow, our hearts are hard
The people live in Gaza behind bars
The water all polluted as taps drip
Is this war or is it vengeance fit?

In Britain, it’s the poor who lose the war
As it was when Jesus Mary bore
Yet here are clerics blessing marching bands
A military show for all the land

The genocide in Europe of the Jews
The self destructive actions of the proud
The fields of France filled sick with blood and bone
Who are we to cast judgemental stones?

The War’s not over when the fighting stops
The soldiers and the tortured suffer shock
The widows and the parents all bereaved.
The unborn children hover in unease

We let the remnants out from camps of death
But who would take them in or take their path?
The injuries will travel down the years
As still we fight and still we live in fear

It’s Europe’s grasp and greed which was the cause
Of death in Gaza, Syria, in long wars
Yet we judge we are more civilised
As we self defend with careful lies