Give over




Doctor, my husband has left home
Whose home?

Doctor,I have lost the cat
Maybe the cat has lost you

Doctor, my sister is ill
I  don’t do distance healing

Doctor,I sent  a photo of my ulcer
Where is it?
In the computer.I imagine
Well, show   me the ulcer
I thought it was all virtual now
Except for the pain!I’ll give you a painkiller
Only one?

Doctor, I am lonely
What a coincidence, so am I!

Doctor I ate  some Maltesers
Cannibalism is a crime
No,I mean chocolate balls
I didn’t expect a lady to be so vulgar
But they sell them in Tesco’s
I just don’t believe it.
I’ll show you.
I didn’t know you were transexual
Neither did I.

Doctor can we eat Maltesers after Brexit?
Ask  the EU

Doctor, is Malta far away?
From where?

Doctor,I want to  go on holiday
Where to ?
Your house
Are you crazy?
Would I know?

Doctor, blood is running down my arm
That’s because of gravity
Can’t you stop it?

Doctor, my fingers go numb in bed
Whose bed?
My husband’s
But he’s dead
I ‘ll tell him when I get home
Are you sure he is your husband?
Since Hitler died they don’t tattoo numbers on us any more
You could have a micro-chip put in your finger
Will it cure the numbness?
No, but we’ll know where you are
And they call ME paranoid
Calm down
That’s what  the Japanese said after Hiroshima
I don’t believe you
Well, that makes no difference to the truth
Pontius Pilate  where are you/

In the desert grey

I walked across a desert grey and bleak
All alone, with nothing there to eat
I shuddered when I realised the truth
I was giving birth;I was refuse.

Cast out for some failing quite unknown
My baby was too small and I alone
A doctor with no face appeared and said
This baby died for he was never fed

He flung my baby  to the heap of dead
I lay in the dirt,  now red with blood
I  had to leave or I  would  die of grief
The will to live is stronger than a thief

I went to kiss my baby, then he smiled
He was still alive, my love,my child

The  wounds can be discerned but seldom seen

The agony of  loss will clot  in time
The anguish sharp destroys the human heart
The  wounds can be discerned but never found

As for us human beings, love profound
Predicts that one or other will depart
The agony of  loss will clot in time

As on our beds ,we wounded folk all lounge
Until a message comes  and we must start
The  wounds can be discerned but never seen

As life flows out like lyrics and their rhymes
As lizards from their hiding places dart
The agony of  loss will ease in time

At first the very cells each seem to scream
The eye seeks visions to protect the hearts
The  wounds can be discerned but never seen

How Helen may have overturned the cart
How skin of little children often smarts
The agony, the pain will wane  in time
The  wounds can be discerned but are now  tame

Loss is like a real and bloody wound

Loss is like a  real wound in the heart
From knife, from dagger,sword or  scimitar
When your own beloved must depart

Or hearts may split in two, may crack or smart
Listening to dear Cohen with guitar
Loss was like a  real wound in his heart

I felt  my wound would widen, blood might  squirt
Cover me in red,oh,mad, bizarre
When  my own beloved chose “Depart”

Sometimes when I walked I used to lurch
Once into the road ,between two cars
Loss is like a  real wound in the heart

I wandered through the graveyard, ancient church
Castigate me not ,peculiar
Like a bird  his soul sought for its perch

As far as  Mirth, as far as the North Star
Noone   knows the vastness nor would dare
Loss is like a  cut,a wound, oh heart
When your own beloved must depart