Try for a sort of controlled uncontrol, dear, he murmured..


And here are Pandora’s socks, Professor Smith, quipped, as the female student in the front row fell asleep whilst sitting upright in a large armchair covered in chintz
And I also have Achilles’ heel here.
Now for your project, I want you all to say Three Hail Mary’s.
A large bee stung my ass and I awoke and coughed up my soul onto the bed.
Get back inside, I cried. Keep me whole, give me oil, keep me churning.
Alright, it muttered calmly. Don’t lose your head.
I have it well screwed on, I responded.
This is a surprise to see you.

Well, since Pandora lost her socks all the souls have been getting loose from their bodies.Women…why do they lose their socks so much?
After that, the doctor called.
Hi, he screamed.
For God’s sake, don’t do that, I  murmured
I’m not dead you know..even though my blood pressure is zero.
He smiled and handed me a blood sugar monitor.
Here you are, this will cure your pneumonia.
What about my new mania?

What is that?
I am interested in spirals…
Keep it under control.
The whole point of mania is to be out of control
Try for a sort of controlled uncontrol, dear, he murmured.
What a clever idea, I told him. Goodbye

I swallowed the test kit and it cured my pneumonia immediately

Silently they weave

A space to be unseen

Small rain in summer
Pools on large green leaves,
Makes all birds dumber
Silently they weave.

Wrens fly to and fro..
Nesting near the house.
They know where to go
With nestlings and spouse.

Simple life of green
Hiding in lush leaves.
A space to be unsee
Humans only grieve.

Where is our safe space,
Where can we live well?
As anguish veils the face
In green thoughts I dwell