Tears and rain

The trees are weeping tears of loss and grief
The storm attacked them while they were in leaf
Birds fly by my window, very close
I have not cut the shrubs so near the house

So this garden is my private wood
Shared by birds and beatles and by God
For I find God in silence, long and green
And in the little places in between

Yet I am sad my man has had to die
After several years my heart still cries
The house, the pictures, stoneware seem to speak
I cry for him when sound is absent,bleak

Now the grief is less I miss him most
He seems so far away, in tears he floats

If I kneel down can God hear me pray?

  1. My food’s no longer bagged when it arrives
    So I buy plastic bags myself instead
    Then I have to stand close by the man
    Helping him use my bags to put it in

    So now I buy black bags and other types
    I use more plastic than I did, can this be right?
    I also have to stand near my front door
    I can’t stay safe distant any more

  2. I see some shops deliver in brown sacks
    Made of paper,easy to unpack
    I wonder if I can get mine there
    When I find out who the people ar

    Now I get more angry by the day
    I think if I could kneel down,I would pray