How punctuation can alter meaning


I’d like to know what you think about what I have written below.

“I have never dwelt in realms of gold;
But there are many stories never told.
Suffering our own sentences we find
A home that welcomes, our more liberal minds”

If you examine the last sentence, you will see that the comma makes a big difference

Without a comma, we already have more liberal minds but need a home for them.
With the comma,  in finding a welcoming home we will then be able to discover our more liberal minds.I
If we don’t feel safe then  our minds will  become narrower, more defensive.This seems to be what has happened in British politics since the Referendum
On the other hand, just in my little street we are helping each other and it is so good  to feel neighbours will help me get food or Prescriptions.Trouble can draw us together
We have a page for our street and some photos like  our last Street Party.Try to set one up in your street.


6 thoughts on “How punctuation can alter meaning

  1. Hello, Katherine. I enjoyed this blog post for two reasons. I like when people point out the importance of the comma, and I’m glad to know that you have good neighbors during this pandemic. Oh, and number three is that you were well when you wrote this! Continue to stay safe and well. I’ll do the same on this side of the pond in spite of our Great Orange White House Resident. He seems hell bent on killing all of us.

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    1. So nice to hear from you,JanetThis example has opened my eyes to punctuation and grammar.The comma
      seems insignificant yet here it alters the meaning
      I’ll be revising my punctiation via reading one of my books
      I am really shocked when I read about the USA.It’s ba here but not as bad as what yu have
      I find Lockdown has made me more emotional and nervous
      But I hope not to be silenced by it.
      How is your fracture? And your book?


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