I don’t

Hello, this  is my fiancee ,Amy.
How dare you get married?
It’s simple.we just say, I do.
But I’m your mother
I don’t!

What is for dinner today?
It’s on page 674 ,Fanny Farmer

Can I have a  new bicycle?
It’s ” may I’
Funny name for a bike.

Where are the eggs?
We have enough children already

I am going out  tonight
You sound like a candle
That’s why I am going out

Were you always rude?
No, just since I got married
That’s awful
Well, it’s worth it
I am afraid of the dark
But what about the day time?
She works 12 hours a day
At what?
A hospital
I understand the stress.
She’s a psychiatrist
They are the worst
At what?
Keeping calm

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