Caught by geese and God

I remember all the humorous things we did
Peering into windows lit by lamps
Climbing cliffs then chased by geese and dog
Walking down from Redcar,sea so still
After Saltburn Pier, the cliffs high jump
I remember all the funny things we did
Wandering Whitby in a sea grey smog
Eating a pork pie cut into lumps
Climbing cliffs then chased by geese and dog
Old Hunstanton ,white sands where we’d sit
The wild spikes of the gorse spread out unclamped
I remember all the colours,scents and that
I feel the joy inside my heart is lit
Woe is leavened by old nature’s stamp
Climbing high then chased through mud by dogs
We see, in shadows, shades are not so stark
In Studland Bay astonished by skylarks
I remember all the humour and the love
Climbing cliffs then caught by geese and God

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