Funny habits

No bikinis allowed on this beach
So  do we bathe nude or what?

You cannot be topless in this  hotel
That is an error, is it grammatical?.We could be.But you would punish us

Please do not go out in pyjamas
OK I’ll take them off!

Please wear a dressing gown   when you  walk about at night
What strange habits you have here.Are you monks?

Breakfast is served from 8 to 10  am
Please may I leave the table?
I  do,generally.

Do you have a hot dinner?
Yes, we  have many curries
I mean hot chips etc
Go to Israel
They invented chips
I just can’t believe it.We had chips before Israel was declared
to be  a state
Oh, potato chips
Are there others?
Silicon chips
Wood chips
Fish ‘n  chips
Computer chips

Stop pulling my leg
I didn’t know it was yours

Why are you a moron?
I’m an imbecile actually
For what?
Deceiving the professors and getting a Ph.D
I didn’t do it on purpose!
Try harder in future





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