7 thoughts on “Education or propaganda?

  1. Yes,Mary.Thank you so much for your comment.I wish children and students were taught not to believe all they read in newspapers or see on TV.We seem so gullible and it can cause fighting and war.Katherine

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    1. You’re Welcome, I read it to my mom ( i’m her caregiver and she has to listen to my bloggers too πŸ™‚ ) She loved it, she has just about decided the world is not going to recover from the media or the internet news…

      I agree with you……my grandchildren(and their parents) were and are being raised to be independent thinkers, taking responsibility for their actions and reactions… I think the majority have been taught to be victims, and are paid for that way of thought….its easier to have decisions made for them than making their own decisions… we all stumble and fall, Faith gets me back up… πŸ™‚ I think the downhill slide started when prayer was taken out of schools, sad….

      I spend lots of time outside these days, it clears my mind πŸ™‚ though it just got officially hot for me lols…

      Thank You again for sharing, it goes in our quote book we keep, it is a keeper


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      1. I love to hear you read to your Mother.Being near trees and flowers or even just in the street makes us feel better.We have to help each other in thid life.I am pleased to meet you here.This is the good side of the internet

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      2. and I am pleased to meet You πŸ™‚
        when my voice gives out she has a reader thingy from the Talking Books Library, she loves hearing the blogs though, and I read Rush Limbaugh’s news Letter to her as well as help with her crossword puzzles before her limited vision gives out, which is sooner than later these day…

        now that I’ve rambled on, I need to go make her lunch πŸ™‚
        Have a wonderful evening …

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  2. I think, from the beginning, when human beings decided not to listen to what they know is right in their hearts, they went to propaganda: excuses and intellectual arguments. It’s important for parents to be the one’s to guide their children, not pass the responsibility for raising them to anyone or any institution, and when they do place them where others care, but realize propaganda, misinformation, and such are occurring, to remove them and take on the responsibility themselves. As a teacher, my goal was to encourage them to think for themselves, with responsibility, honoring parents. Even when their parents were deluded. For in being respectful, they will grow up and good examples to others. On the thinking for yourself, I must add that’s not just thinking. We all do that. But realizing. Understanding. And understanding where the understanding comes from, which with time, honest people realize. For myself, it’s taking a lifetime to realize, even though I grew up in much better times, how much was propaganda and misinformation. At times, when I say something I believe, I ask, why do I believe that, or have I checked myself? And when I read others, even if I like them, even if I respect them, if I believe something they say, I ask why I believe that. In this way, I know I am not blindly believing, but understanding.

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