2 thoughts on “Why..Richard Feynmann

  1. Thank you for posting this interview with Feynman. He reveals the frustration, which many scientists feel, when trying to explain ‘why’ something happens.

    I recall a related story when Feynman was asked if an anti-gravity machine could be made. He replied, “of course, I have one, I call it a table” Newton recognised that ‘force’ could operate at a distance,in accordance with some precise rules, but he had no idea how it worked. Both relativity and quantum mechanics take us further but by two completely different routes that physicists have still not managed to reconcile.

    The world we inhabit is a very remarkable place and don’t believe anyone who claims they really ‘understand’ it. Everyone will reach a point where they have to admit “we don’t know”.

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    1. I think it is a wonderful interview, one of the best.What a great mind he had.I also felt slightly amused as if he were saying,well what kind of answer are you seeking? Is it God who pulls the magnets apart? I suppose a prisoner being questioned in court might have this problem.We assume he/she is a rational being in full control or crazy.I’ve never seen thiis interview before, thanks for your comment,Katherine


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