You’re weird!

a beautiful scenery
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

Shall we go out?

Where is our switch?

Do you want to have a meal?
I’d rather eat it.

I saw a black shape at the door
Probably your shadow.
It followed me in
Next time, go out.
Will it let me?
Just walk through it.

When the doctor smiled at me I saw a  gold fuzzy cloud
That means you don’t need LSD
No,I need a thicker skin and new glasses

I ran back and shook hands with the Consultant
I hope he wasn’t doing surgery.
He was gazing pensively at me then declared
You’re weird!
Is  that ethical?
It depends on what kind of weirdness it is.

He sent me for X rays ,then wept
Was that before or after he saw them?
He cried onto my bare knees
Is that ethical?
Well, no point crying onto an X ray is there?
Is it ethical?
Well, it won’t heal them.
How unethical!
Why can’t they insert new cartilege?
A pity my knee is not a gun
You are weird.Cartridge!


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