Goodness, it’s 11 am

Would you like to go to bed?
Can you be more precise?

Would you like some lamb?
For what?

What do you eat for breakfast?
Mind your own business
That’s not very nice.

Is it time to get up?
No, come down

Shall we pray?
I think it’s too late

Goodness, it’s 11 am
Yes, we have that every day  here

So from now on, we can’t hug the postman
Unless he’s in a Bubble

Shall we call a cab?
Why can’t we ring?
I forgot the bell.I gave it to the cat.
Well, get it back
Actually it was a tiger
I don’t believe that
Wait till you get home
He’s on the bed with the bell
We may have to get the police
Do you really think the police will help?
He can eat them first while we run away
Let’s sleep rough.
OK in a holly tree
Or a bed of roses



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