The sun was very hot

I  have lost  my lingerie,oh dear
I dried it on a shrub, the sky was clear
The sun was very hot, my washing dried
I put in a bag which I can’t find

So now I wait for Amazon to bring
A parcel of white cotton underthings
I also have an ulcer on my toe
I thought it  only fair to let you know

Where are all the clothes that I have lost
While in my poetry I am engrossed?
Once my home had order and restraint
If a man came near me, he would faint

Maybe all this loss  is a defence
Keeps my mind  from wondering where he went

2 thoughts on “The sun was very hot

    1. I think women vary! Glad yo enjoyed reading this poem.I’ve not lost the bag I find.I had put the washing somewhere else!! Best wishes, hope you enjoy the day despite the troubles


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