Walk in ferny woods. exchange a glance


Wasting life when we would like to dance
Walk in ferny woods. exchange a glance
Can we have a decent  person at our head?
Jesus Christ,no b*gger understood

Why be happy when you could feel mad?
Glad that Donald Trump is not your dad
Don’t  let  logic, reason or plain thought
Sell you something Mother  never bought

Why not let   the police take all control?
They know  how to score a self made goal 
They can kill a  man and wound a child
Yet kneel down in Church along the aisle

Holding a black Bible in one hand
Will not take you to the Promised Land
Cain and Abel,Jacob and Esau
Does he hopen to start another War?


As the old man fell towards his death
They offered us a handrail for the bath
I was so shattered by their wilful lies
I could not speak, my saliva had all dried

He was walking albeit slowly when at home
When they took him off I heard the groan
Lost inside his head, no wife nearby
Even Satan would have wept  that night

Gabriel and Satan, hand- in -hand
Neither one will ever understand
We humans waste so much,we’re almost blind
Full of envy,hate  and  so unkind





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