We’re just a pair of porcupines

We’re just a pair of porcupines who  want  to get more close
But  when we do we get a wound made up of tiny nicks
You caught your spikey walking boots on my new blue  hose
I kissed you on  your bristly beard and got ten thousand pricks.

We separated and returned because our love is fine
We slept apart,we shared  a  bed ,we hoped to share our hearts
We ate our breakfast separately but combined  when we  dined
I longed to give my  heart to you,but you  would soon depart

You like to have your sacred space inviolate and calm
I like my own space as well, for I feel like you feel
We  might have found a proper home  where we could settle down
But then you said you hated me for you felt quite unreal

You went up to  the arctic  to find a  better zone
Then emailed me and asked me up ; admired me with  wild zeal
I couldn’t afford the airline price so you came rushing home
For you said a porcupine’s  more loving  than  a seal

Some days you found me beautiful,some days you found me wise
I backed off with  an over-whelm,for you could tantalise.
I ran away to   Italy and found a Latin  man
Maybe you can do the same ; catch me if you can!

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