Hear it your way


We often don’t hear what people say even when we speak the same language.Sometimes it’s lack of attention,sometimes unconscious motivations when we don’t wish to know something.And in a foreign country we might try to understand by imagining it is English with a peculiar accent.I come from Lancashire and I am often asked if I am foreign.IMG_0007



À cœur vaillant rien d’impossible.
A curve ain’t ruined  when impossible.
A curved ale wants ruin dim but possible
A curve ain’t tuned  till impossible
A curved  elephant reined in, possibly.
Accurately veiled ruins are impossible

À l’impossible nul n’est tenu.
Al.I’m possibly null; nest tonight?
Al,it’s impossible now,it’s not you.
A limp ,oscillating bull Not any who?

À quelque chose malheur est bon.
At Selkirk choose Mal;hurry,man
A kilt shows Mal’s hairs live on
A Sulker chose Mallory’s a bun

Après la pluie le beau temps.
Apprella,who’s she? Get the boat times.
Appeals and pleas elbow time
I pray that we  get the boat on

L’arbre cache souvent la forêt.
Large cache,Susan,now for it!
Arbitrary dash;savant  rolls  in the forest
Library cash,Sue vents, let’s forget;

Aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait
Aussie toes date? Aussie toes fey!
Ossified totes date…Fay!
Also taught Dee,also  taught Fay.

Autres temps, autres mœurs
Owe Tom,owe,Maire?
Ought we tamper,blight  her hair?
Ought her stem cells to merge?
Over the top,over the murder.
Motor-man, a tremor?
Ode to Tom;ode to more?

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