The limerick returns

My mother was given to fainting
Whenever I did any painting
So instead I  got writing
Quite out of her sighting
In case  any of my words should be tainting

My father was oblivious to all
After he had  his great fall
He died on a Sunday
Got buried on Monday
Since then we ain’t had any calls

My mother then got a grey cat
As she wept, it  would sit on her lap.
She asked the new curate
If he would baptise it
But he said :No, for   the cat is   too fat.

I studied the Old and the New
The Bible had nothing on view
Does God love  the thin more?
Are the fat such an eyesore?
I bit off the end of a pew.

Wood is quite hard to digest
And causes internal unrest.
But I had to express
My  fatal duress
Later,no doubt,I’d confess.



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